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Opiates and Oxycontin Abuse

OxyContin abuse is becoming an epidemic in many parts of the country, and this drug carries many dangers for users. OxyContin is a drug in a class called opioid analgesics, and it is a very strong and addictive narcotic painkiller which is a brand-name drug.

Only available by prescription, OxyContin abuse may start out with a legitimate need for the drug but then turns into abuse and even addiction as time goes on. This drug is available in pill form and in a number of different dosage strengths, which range from 10 mg all the way up to 160 mg.

Common Symptoms With Oxycontin Abuse

Some of the common signs seen with OxyContin abuse include both physical and mental symptoms. The user may suffer from insomnia, and they may experience bone and muscle pain which may seem excruciating when they do not have the drug. Diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, and cramps in the stomach are also symptoms of OxyContin abuse when the user has no more of the drug available.

If the user crushes the pill and injects the drug then there will be needle marks on the body. Dozing off frequently, and inability to stay awake while high on the drug, and a mental fogginess are all seen while the user is under the influence of Oxycontin abuse.

Oxycontin Effects And Why They Are Dangerous

The effects of OxyContin abuse and the use of this drug are dangerous, and this medication should only be taken under the direct supervision of a physician. Because of the high Oxycontin abuse potential, this drug should be prescribed and taken as sparingly as possible, and only when legitimately needed.

OxyContin abuse can often resemble alcohol consumption, only with far more serious consequences in most cases. The drug depresses the central nervous system, as well as dulling any pain impulses. If too much is taken during the course of OxyContin abuse then respiration may slow down to dangerous levels or even stop completely.

Medical And Health Problems With Oxycontin Abuse

Overdose is the number one health concern with OxyContin abuse. Because this drug is so powerful many individuals accidentally take too much, and end up either in the emergency room with life threatening complications or the morgue because of this drug abuse. There is also the risk of infectious diseases when the drug is injected and needles are shared, and damage to many internal organs when the OxyContin abuse occurs over a long period of time or in high dosages. OxyContin abuse can also cause a lack of inhibition, which may cause the user to do things that they would not normally do and can lead to unexpected consequences, such as STDs and unwanted pregnancy.

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