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Costa Rica is a great place to overcome addictions to drugs like addiction rehab treatment centersheroin, cocaine and alcohol. There are a number of treatment centers offering excellent medical care and rehabilitation to those that have the money to pay the fees. While not expensive compared to Rehab Centers in California or Florida, Costa Rica Rehab centers do start at about $6,000 dollars US per month and go up from there.

However you can live in tropical paradise while stopping addiction now. First you will have to leave your drug of choice at home, better yet, destroy all that remains so that when you return from your treatment in costa rica you will not be tempted to start using drugs again. When you arrive at your rehab center in Costa Rica you will be asked a series of questions, and will be given a full physical to be sure that you are not suffering from any dangerous maladies.

The best way to recover from addiction is to stop eating solid food for 10 days. Drink only fresh whole juice drinks made on the spot and supplemented with vitamins and minerals. Take saunas, steam baths and hot tubs daily. Get massaged daily. Sleep when tired. Practice yoga. Get high colonics. There are so many natural ways to rid your body of the poisons of your addiction that using drugs to loose addictions is old school.

If however you live in Canada or the USA you may want to try drug rehab centers closer to home. They are much more expensive but then your friends can visit and bring you chocolates.

The hardest of all addictions to treat is serotonin reuptake inhibitors like Prozac. This takes careful weaning off the drug and long term care to make sure the patient does not becoming homicidal or suicidal. Another difficult drug to rehab is tobacco. Heroin is easy to get over your addiction. Just three days of detox (dt’s) then two more weeks of healthy diet and after that it’s all in your head. If you return to your drug addiction it’s your fault and not that of the drug treatment centers.

Often we work with alcoholics who find it impossible to go a single day without a drink of their favorite beverage, be it beer, wine or spirits. In a matter of a week in a good alcohol treatment center, on healthy foods, exercise and good sleep, the patient is free of all desire physically for the evil alcohol. But we must be ever vigilant to psychological weakness that will drive the alcoholic back to alcoholism.

A lot of people think that marijuana is addictive when this is not true. Although drug treatment centers in costa rica do treat pot addiction, there really is no physical addiction to the drug. It’s all in your lifestyle and character makeup.

Addiction treatment

Drug rehabilitation describes the processes of medical or psychological treatment, for dependency on psychoactive substances. The intent is to enable the patient to stop substance abuse, in order to avoid the psychological, legal, financial, social, and physical consequences that can be caused.

Finding a quality drug rehab center can be a difficult and confusing task. It is important to know what to look for when selecting a drug rehab treatment center. Not all drug treatments are the same. Not all treatment facilities offer the same kind of comforts or additional healing services. Natural yoga vegetarian fasting treatment centers are available as are allopathic drug centered clean up and rehab services.

Drug rehabilitation focuses on the two-fold nature of chemical dependency: psychological and physical dependency. Most drug rehabilitation facilities will have a drug detox program to treat withdrawal symptoms that occur from regular drug use. This can be dangerous depending on the drugs, and drug rehabs must have a doctor to manage detox. Withdrawal generally lasts up to two weeks but depending on the drug of choice, can last many months longer.

12 step programs can be helpful by guiding the addict to find new friends who are themselves drug free. Most drug rehab’s will have an introduction to the 12 step programs.

Some addiction recovery services use pharmacotherapy’s in addition to psychotherapy to combat addiction. Such medications as methadone and most recent Bupernorphine (Suboxone) are widely used to treat opiate dependence; these medications are used in either maintenance therapy or for short term drug detox. Other antidepressant medications are used to moderate drug use, and there are several anti craving medications as well. All can be helpful tools in a drug rehab facility.

There are many approaches to drug treatment and rehabilitation. The disease model of addiction contends that there are maladaptive patterns of alcohol and substance use displayed by addicts and is the result of a biological condition and enhanced by lifestyle choices. The client centered approach, created by Carl Rogers, centers on the fact that there are three necessary and sufficient conditions for personal change: unconditional positive regard, accurate empathy, and genuineness.

The psychoanalytic approach, created by Sigmund Freud, contends that the cause of addiction is the unconscious need to pleasure and homosexual and perverse fantasies. Freud is now considered a fraud by most modern phsycologists and his treatment methodology is dying a most welcome death.

Coca leaves have been chewed by natives for thousands of years to increase stamina, ease pain, and uplift their mood.  When cocaine began to be extracted from the leaves, the perception of chewing coca leaves changed. Cocaine has been illegalized in the 20th century in Costa Rica, but still remains prevalent in society. Coca leaves are still used by workers and by native medicine men, and crack and cocaine are used commonly in major cities. Prostitution is legal in Costa Rica, and cocaine is extremely popular among those in this profession. Prostitutes use cocaine and other drugs to keep up their stamina as well as to sell to their clients. Of those who reported using cocaine, over half prefer crack cocaine as it is cheaper and produces a more immediate high.

A study of addicts seeking drug addiction treatment in Costa Rica found that about ninety percent had used crack cocaine at least once, and eighty percent had used powder cocaine at least once. Compared to other countries with drug addiction problems, these rates of cocaine use are quite alarming. Heroin abuse is also a growing problem amongst street youth, for its cheap prices and heavy effects. Contrary to what many may think, alcoholism is not a large issue in Costa Rica. Although thirty three percent of automobile fatalities are due to drinking, less than five percent of Costa Ricans meet criteria for alcohol dependency. Light alcohol drinking is common in most every social situation in this Latin American country, but few drink heavily and regularly.

Costa Rica does not have a drug problem but does offer a number of excellent drug rehabilitation facilities for the rich and well to do who want to heal in a gentle tropical environment with low pressure and high results. Of course there are many drug rehabs in the United States most notably in Florida and California.

Drug Rehab Centers

Costa Rica is full of luxury rehab centers. Executive Costa Rica addiction treatment centers are popular because of the safety of the country as a whole, the liberal and understanding people, and the overall beauty. Rehab centers are located in the mountain regions as well as on some beaches. Although Costa Rica has a large tourism industry, the treatment centers are not located near hot-spots. Costa Rica generally views addiction as a disease rather than a bad habit, and thus the treatment available is more holistic than punishing. Drug rehabilitation has been gaining popularity in the past few decades as cocaine use has increased and as Costa Rica has gained more popularity among international tourists.

There are numerous luxury treatment centers for both Spanish speaking and English language clients. In many parts of Costa Rica, residents speak at least some English, so the language barrier is not a large issue. Furthermore, the presence of twelve-step groups in Costa Rica may be surprising. Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous, and Al-Anon all have substantial followings in Costa Rica. Although most meetings are held in Spanish, there are often English speaking meetings near areas of tourism such as San Jose, Manuel Antonio, Tamarindo, and Puerto Viejo. Overall, compared to other countries in Latin America, Costa Rica is a fantastic place to begin the road to recovery with the abundance of treatment facilities, strong recovering community, and serene setting.

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